Wedding RingsWe may be tired of hearing about economics; now everything seems to be about money and “It’s the economy, stupid” is being preached by both parties as we prepare for another election. Interestingly enough, this article, first printed in Christianity Today takes an economic look at relationships between young women and men and “how much” is involved.

It is well worth the read, if you have youth in your care. The author, Mark Regnerus, is a prof on a college campus with an open heart and open ears to hear what is going on between men and women and their sexual behavior. He has seen a great shift, a change in what goes on, what is allowed, what is expected. And he is trying to let us know so that we can prepare those we love, who are forced to make decisions; who need to be ready for a sexual climate that has changed and is changing.

Please read this – if you have sons or daughters in high school or older and talk about it (as parents) and decide how to have “that conversation” with your youth. They are growing up in a different world that we grew up in; the fences are in a different place now, they have moved way out, there is a lot more pressure.

Sex Economics 101
Mark Regnerus, the early-marriage sociologist, shares his latest research on young adults’ sexual attitudes and behavior.

Let Nate, or Larry or Mark know if you want to talk about any of this – and mostly pray for our young people, and the decisions they are making that will have a profound effect upon their futures.


Mark Gelinas